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Individual Listings
  • UNMC
    - Log into FIREFLY using your UNMCNet ID to change personal information (home address, phone, etc.);
    - Contact your department administrator to change work address information; add/remove home address information from directory listing.
  • Nebraska Medicine
    - All Nebraska Medicine personnel changes (phone, zip code, building) are edited by the employee's manager in the Lawson system. If you have questions, call Nebraska Medicine Human Resources at 402-552-3211 or on Campus 2-3211.
Departmental Listing
  • UNMC - Contact your department administrator
  • Nebraska Medicine - contact Kim Strohbehn kstrohbe@unmc.edu
Notary Information
   Contact your department administrator
Safety and Emergency Information
   John Hauser    (402)-559-7315
General Questions/Comments
   Kim Strohbehn    kstrohbe@unmc.edu